The 240V Diesel Mini Bowser offers a new pump to satisfy operators looking for a robust unit that effectively delivers high volume diesel. This compact unit comes as a complete package that allows refuelling at flow rates up to 60LPM. Equipped with an easy to use, accurate mechanical meter that can be calibrated on-site, this unit also has a smart on/off switch integrated into the nozzle holder. Extremely versatile, the bowser can be installed directly onto a wall or to an existing structure.

  • Technical Specifications
  • Features & Benefits
  • Package Includes
Technical Specifications
  • Suitable for Diesel use only
  • Flow rate up to 60LPM
  • Inlet/Outlet: 1" BSP(F)
  • 30-minute duty cycle
  • Built-in nozzle holder with on/off switch
  • IP55 protection
  • 240V pump with meter
  • 4-digit reset total8-digit accumulative total
  • 4m x 1" delivery hose with automatic nozzle 1" x 2m suction hose

Features & Benefits
  • Resettable totaliser - 4-digit resettable totaliser Non-resettable totaliser - 8-digit accumulative total
  • Hose hanger - Allows for neat hose storage
  • Built-in on/off swtich - Pump protection from overheating
  • 4m long fuel hose - Long hose provides access to hard to reach fuel fill points

Package Includes
  • 240V Mini Bowser (60LPM)
  • Instruction Manual