• Macnaught RAPIDFLO™ GT-01 rotary action fuel pump

Macnaught RAPIDFLO™ GT-01 rotary action fuel pump

Macnaught’s RAPIDFLO™ GT-01 rotary action pump is suitable for transferring diesel, ULP, certain aviation fuels*, kerosene and light oils, up to SAE30, from 60 - 205L drums and tanks.

Macnaught’s impeller and gearbox design allows extremely fast fuel delivery, with a transfer rate of 800ml per revolution delivering up to 100L/min, depending on viscosity. The pump is self-priming and is capable of fluid delivery in both directions.

The RAPIDFLO™ is supplied with a three-piece suction tube, fuel strainer, pump handle, two-inch bung adaptor and a 2.4 metre anti-static delivery hose. The hose is fitted with anti-kink, steel-coil reinforcing sleeves at the pump and delivery nozzle ends.

A nozzle receiver in the pump body stows the hose off the ground when not in use and the handle can be locked against unauthorised use if required.

Options available at additional costs include a fuel filter with glass bowl sedimenter, a Macnaught DM-100 mechanical fuel meter and repair kits.

A special GT-01BD bio-diesel version of the rotary action pump is also compatible with kerosene and ethanol.

Thanks to its servo-like fuel delivery speed the Macnaught RAPIDFLO™ rotary action pump can convert a 205-litre fuel drum into a mini-service station!

RAPIDFLO™ is also suitable for users who cannot use an electric fuel pump for safety reasons or do not have power in remote locations.

RAPIDFLO™ is available from Macnaught resellers and is supported with a 10 year warranty.


* The RAPIDFLO™ GT-01 rotary action pump can be used to transfer AV-Gas and Jet A1, but users of aviation fuels must check pump material compatibility with the fuel product they are using. Wetted components are aluminium, steel, zinc, nitrile rubber and Viton.

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