Macnaught equipment continues to be the choice for those who demand more. Industry-leading performance, innovative design, reliability and durability all come standard when you purchase a Macnaught product.

All Macnaught products are tested by our Quality Assurance team to ensure they exceed the industry standards of performance.  Most of our products are designed to be repairable delivering long term economy. Supported by a range of spare parts and accessories, we back this by offering market-leading warranties of up to 10 years.

Macnaught proudly launched Lubemate to provide the market with products that deliver value to every day jobs. Over the years, Lubemate products are exposed to the same testing and quality assurance processes, offering products that have been selected based on Macnaught's fuel, fluid and lubrication application and technical product knowledge.

The Lubemate range features equipment suitable for common grease, oil, fuel applications and hose reels. Lubemate products are selected by Macnaught to ensure they are fit for purpose. Lubemate products are backed by a Macnaught warranty of up to 2 years.

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