• MX-Series for Hazardous Area

MX-Series for Hazardous Area

The Macnaught MX-Series now has a range of precision Positive Displacement Flowmeters for use in Hazardous (Ex) Areas.

Designed to endure the rigours of heavy industry, the new MX Series ‘Ex’ approved range presents an ideal solution for the precise transfer or dispensing of fluids in environments where there is the potential of exposure to flammable gases, or vapours

Product Overview
Flowmeter Specifications
Technology:       Oval Gear
Models:              MX06 – MX100
Sizes:                 ¼” – 4”
Flow rates:         0.5 LPH–1200 LPM/0.13 GPH–3172 GPM
Construction:     316 Stainless Steel or Aluminium.
Rotor Options:    Standard: (for fluids below 1000 cps)
                          High Viscosity: (for fluids above 1000 cps)
Accuracy:            0.5% (0.25% available with reduced flow range)

Pulse Output Module
Switch options
NPN Open Collector
                    Intrinsically Safe
                    II I G Ex ia IIC T6
                    Approved ATEX, CSA, FM

                    Intrinsically Safe
                    Ex II 1 G Ex ia IIC T6/II 1 D Ex ia D 20 T115 °C
                    Approved ATEX, IECEx