Product Code: L-BDP205L


The first of its kind in Australia, this innovative new 19.2V BATTERY DRUM PUMP offers the portable design and the power of Lithium Ion battery technology. Transferring bulk liquids including Urea/DEF, water, diesel and coolants from multiple locations, or remote sites, is made easier. The compact, cordless and lightweight design features a telescopic suction tube suitable for use with both 205L drums and IBC systems.

    • Technical Specifications
    • Recommended Use With

    Technical Specifications

    • Flow rate up to 28LPM
    • Suitable for diesel, Urea/DEF, water, kerosene, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, mild detergents, agricultural chemicals and light oils up to SAE 10
    • 19.2V 1.5Ah Li-ion battery for extended battery life
    • Portable and lightweight design
    • Convenient on/off switch with LED indicator
    • Stainless steel strainer built into the suction tube inlet prevents contaminants from getting in and causing damage to the pump
    • Built in 2” drum thread and additional 2” IBC bung adaptor
    • Manual nozzle
    • 2m delivery hose
    • Lithium-Ion charger
    • Telescopic suction tube with built-in strainer
    • Suits IBC or 205L drums
    • No spare parts available

    Recommended Use With

    • L-DPCLI: Lithium-Ion charger
    • L-DPBLI: Lithium-Ion battery
    12 month